Offering writing support to Keuka College CPS students
The Writing Center is part of the Keuka College CPS student’s support team, helping students become careful and confident writers who are equipped for success both academically and professionally.
The CPS Writing Center is a valuable resource for CPS students with document-based questions and concerns. The Writing Center can help with:
- APA formatting, quotations, and citations
- Grammar and punctuation
- Organization and style
- Research and documentation

The Writing Center is an online resource. Students submit their proofread, edited papers to the Writing Center (asapwritinghelp@keuka.edu) as email attachments and receive a response by email usually within 48 hours. In addition, students may instant message (Google chat) or email Writing Center Director Geoff Lee or Academic Skills Counselor Catherine Agar with specific questions or concerns.

The Writing Center will identify strengths upon which students can build. Writing Center staff will also provide feedback that enables students to identify and correct errors and weaknesses in their own writing.

Please note: We do not proofread your work. Our goal is to help you become a better writer--not to review your entire piece of writing. Your writing project will not be perfect when you receive it from the Writing Center. You will have editing to do, but we will supply you with the knowledge and tools to edit your work.

We recognize that many students struggle with some aspects of writing even though they are outstanding students in other areas, and we believe that asking for help with writing issues is a sign of strength, not weakness.

The CPS Writing Center staff is friendly and accessible. If we can’t answer your question, we’ll direct you to someone who can. We maintain a list of reliable, user-friendly videos and documents that cover various writing issues and will select and share those as appropriate. We are available to support instructors as well as students with writing and writing-related questions.

We look forward to writing with you,

Geoff Lee
CPS Writing Center

Catherine Agar

Writing Specialist
CPS Writing Center

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