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Class Descriptions

Experience the Results!


KB Basics: 

KB Basics classes are for adults new to the practice of kettlebells. These classes are required for consideration to enroll in The Practice I or The Practice II. Come learn the breath work, safety standards and essential skills and kettlebell lifts as you find your strength and set goals. The swing, the clean, the military press and leg training drills and other exercises will provide immediate feedback on your strengths and challenges. Mobility and stability take focus as you learn to move safely and efficiently with or without a kettlebell in your hand.  Get swinging!

It is highly recommended to attend KB Basics at least twice a week. That’s right, when you sign up for KB Basics you can attend all KB Basics offered on the current schedule.


The Practice I: 

Perfect for motivated adults who demonstrate proficiency in The Basics and want to challenge themselves with kettlebell classics like the snatch and more sophisticated leg training. Think metabolic conditioning!  Ongoing consultations with the instructor will help you make the most of your time in practice as you commit to meeting your goals.


The Practice II: 

Practice with dedicated comrades!  By now you know your weaknesses and strengths.  Train them both in this class as you refine Russian Kettlebell classic lifts and combine them to hardwire your body for resiliency and durability no matter what life throws at you.

Drop Ins:

Established students, out of town guests who have kettlebell skills are welcome.  Please contact Kate.

Beginners can't drop in to class.  Kettlebells are a practice and as such require patience and determination. You literally need to be able to stand on your own feet and maintain focus and a spirit of investigation and play as you learn to work with this dynamic strength tool.  If you don’t possess those traits, regular attendance to class may help you develop an appreciation for them.   Drop ins  interrupt the class and a new person dropping in doesn’t get an accurate sense of training. Dedicating time to the practice upfront will provide you with the most benefits in the long run. KB Basics classes are the best place to develop skills for your long term practice.  Sporadic, “see if I like it approach” does not support wellness practices or the mission of our training time together.