Old Kickapoo Alphabet

This is the alphabet we are now teaching at Kickapoo Nation School.  In years past we have used a
double vowel alphabet but have returned back to our traditional alphabet.

There are many more materials written in our old alphabet which is one reason we went back to it.

It is called, 'pa pe pi po'.
    pa pe pi po                         pronunciation
a e i o  ah, a, ee,  oh
da de di do  saw, sa, see, so
ka ke ki ko kaw, ka, kee, koh
la le li lo paw, pa, pee, po
ma me mi mo  mah, ma, me, mo
na ne ni no  nah, na, nee, no
qa qe qi qo   kwah, kwa, kwee, kwoh

sa se si so

 thah, tha, thee, tho

ta te ti to

  tah, ta, tee, to
wa we wi wo   wah, wa,we, wo

ya ye yi yo

 yah, ya, yee, yo
tta tte tti tto  chah, cha,chee, cho