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2017-2018 Mathletes Officers
President: Aidan Schultz
Vice President: Trey Bushling
Secretary: Alexis Morales
Treasurer: Hailey Edge
Historian: Aislynne Chappell

2017-2018 Results

I am the JV Coach which covers the subjects of Geometry and Algebra 2 and is designed for our 9th and 10 grade level students. Our team has 5 starters, and up to 4 alternates. Our starters determine our team score. Mathletes are also competing for an overall individual league score which is added cumulatively all year. Both starter and alternate scores are good towards league totals. 

Each round students are given 10 minutes to answer two questions. There is no partial credit for any answers. There are 5 rounds like this, and then there is a final team question round where the starters will compete to answer a difficult question together. There is a break after the 4th round.

You should bring several pencils, and no calculator. We have four competitions each year. On the day of competition if it is an away competition then we will be riding over in the school van. We will leave when school starts, and be back before school is over. Meets begin at 10:00am and are usually completed by noon. We stop for lunch on the way back so be sure to bring some lunch money. 


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