GUSH'N for 500, Catholic Schools Week Walk-A-Thone


Thank you to all the students, families, and businesses that helped support this fundraiser.

Our Student Council set a goal to collect $500 for our playground fencing project. The project will provide a more safe and secure play area. This project will also secure and protect our new outside learning spaces COMING SOON in the spring of 2021 for our students and staff.

This single event raised over $7000.00,

nearly half the total cost needed for the project.




Scrip!!Scrip!!Scrip!! Everyone has surely heard the word scrip in the past few years. This is the easiest, and fastest way to support the school. You buy the gift cards for face amount and a portion of that amount goes to the school. It is as easy as that. You can purchase it on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings before school and Thursday after school. We also sell on weekends after Mass at All Saints Parish. There are many different businesses and amounts being offered. You can also order scrip from hundreds of other places. You can check out the link on our website. Some that we have on hand are Hy-Vee, Casey's, Bath and Body, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and many more. Think of this when you are planning your Christmas shopping trips. Instead of cash, you can shop with scrip!! You can also shop online with Amazon or Best Buy and others. Contact the school office with any questions and they will point you in the right direction!!