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Keokuk Christian Academy is a private, nondenominational, nonprofit school, organized and governed by the New Testament Christian Church of Keokuk, Iowa.

Keokuk Christian Academy was founded in 1981 by a group of individuals concerned about equipping children with the necessary tools to stand for God and His truth and to become a vital part of American society. Our Purpose is to provide an educational program of academic excellence in an environment of Christian love and to provide our students with Bible training conductive to building Christian character.

Our goals are to provide quality instruction and an academic environment in every classroom, with genuine Christian teachers providing firm but loving discipline and to provide for the development of the whole student using a variety of activities to build, enrich, and strengthen each student.

Volunteer Opportunities Available!
Do you a passion for serving children, love Jesus, and believe the Bible is true? KCA may be the next place for your ministry! We are looking for folks to help with our team sports and our Christmas program. Call 319-524-5752 with questions.

KCA Worships the Lord!