This is an area to find and provide support from others suffering with eating disorders. You are free to discuss your disorder, whether you are ready to recover or not, or any other aspect of your life you want to share. We hope to build a strong community, like those found on many Pro-Ana/Mia sites. However, because we are not a Pro-Ana/Mia Web site, the forum will be moderated so that thinspiration and diet tips are not posted.

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What does the Moderator Do?

    When you submit a post it will not appear instantaneously. Rather, it will be submitted for moderation. The moderator will check for posts twice a day and will review them to make sure that they do not violate any of the forum rules (e.g., containing "thinspiration," spam, etc). If your post does not violate these rules, the moderator will post it to the site. However, if the moderator deems a post inappropriate according the the site rules, it will not be posted. For questions about moderation please contact:

Basic Rules

1. No specific numbers (e.g.,  goal weights, calorie consumption, wtc.) as these might be triggering. Please refrain from posting anything that encourages an eating disorder in any way, such as thinspiration, diet tips, etc.

2. No personal attacks. Be respectful of others.

3. Remember - The moderator has the right to decide if any submitted posts are inappropriate and to not accept such posts.

4. Please be careful about revealing personal information.