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ERIN CRC: Molecular Basis of Nontyphoidal Salmonella Emergence

Funding: NIH, NIAID 1U19AI090882-01
PI: Sam Miller, Judd Walson
Time Period: 08/10/2010 – 07/31/2015

Invasive infections due to non-typhoidal salmonella strains (NTS) appear to be emerging as a common cause of bloodstream infection in sub-Saharan Africa. We propose to more clearly define the epidemiology of NTS disease in Africa by examining differences in host susceptibility, changes in strain diversity and virulence, and the role of asymptomatic carriage in promoting human-human transmission of NTS. An observational study of children with diarrhea and suspected bacteremia, and close contacts of children with diarrhea or suspected bacteremia in Kenya.