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Judd Walson, MD, MPH, Associate Professor

Dr. Walson trained at Duke University in the Joint Internal Medicine/Pediatrics program and received his MPH at Tufts University.   Prior to coming to the University of Washington, Dr. Walson had international research experiences in Thailand and Nepal and he published a first-authored paper on antibiotic resistance in Nepal in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.  Dr. Walson joined the University of Washington Infectious Diseases Program in 2004 and was based in Nairobi, Kenya between 2005 and 2008.  


Dr. Walson is currently an Associate Professor in the departments of Global Health, Medicine, Infectious Disease and Pediatrics at the University of Washington.  His research is focused on investigating the effect of treating or preventing endemic co-infections (TB, malaria, helminthes) on HIV disease progression, particularly in east Africa with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Kenya. Currently, Dr. Walson is the project PI of a large grant assessing the epidemiology of diarrhea and bacteremia in Kenyan children.

He recently completed a large, multi-center randomized trial of anti-helminthic therapy (treatment of intestinal worms) in adults with HIV in Kenya to determine if deworming could delay HIV disease progression. He also recently completed a large trial to evaluate the potential benefit of adding insecticide treated bednets and a point-of-use water filtration device to the basic package of HIV care in Kenya.

Dr. Walson has extensive experience in the design and implementation of large clinical trials in resource-limited settings. In addition to his work in east Africa, he has spent significant time living and working in Thailand and Nepal, where he worked in infectious diseases and focused on malaria and tuberculosis treatment and prevention.

In addition to his clinical research, Dr. Walson is the faculty co-lead of the Global Health Strategic Analysis and Research Training Program, START, a collaborative research project with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UW DGH.

Representative Publications

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