Our Adult Basic Education program provides free GED preparation and a variety of other free education services to adults in the Northern Kentucky/Covington area.  Below is a list of these services and the eligibility requirements for enrollment in our program.  We have numerous locations throughout Kenton County for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please click on "contact us" on the main page, or call us at 859-442-1166.
Every adult education student must be at least 18 years of age or older and have proof of residency in the state of Kentucky with either a Driver's License or other form of state ID. 
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GED preparation
Students must visit one of our conveniently located learning centers to enroll in the Gateway Adult Education program.  Please visit the home page or click on LOCATIONS to find a list of sites and requirements specific to those sites.
All students must take the Test of Adult Basic Education, or TABE.  The State of Kentucky requires that everyone using adult education services in the state have a valid TABE on file for enrollment purposes.
After appropriate training in any skill area that is needed, students progress to the Official Practice Tests that are required by the state of KY.  Students must test in all five areas  that are covered on the GED exam and have a passing score in each section before an application for the actual exam will be issued.
Once all of the above is completed, an application will be issued and the student will become test certified indicating that they are ready to take the actual GED test. 
The GED stands for the Test of General Educational Development.  The test is a national  standardized test that is offered to individuals ages 18 and over who did not receive a high school diploma.  There are five subject areas on the GED exam:  Language Arts Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts Reading, and Math. 
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 Educational Enrichment Services

Adult Basic Reading
Classes utilize research-based techniques for adults with reading difficulties as well as the availability of one on one tutoring.
Adult Basic Education
Instructors provided individualized self-paced instruction and non-credit classes covering various subjects to help students successfully pass the GED, college entrance exams and employment tests.
Corrections Education
Academic and life skills instruction are provided for adults receiving services in various settings.
English as a Second Language (ESL)
English classes engage students to improve their proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English. These classes are offered at the Edgewood Campus of Gateway Community and Technical College.  Please visit Kenton County Adult ESL's website for more information.
National Career Readiness Certificate
The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a portable, evidence-based credential that measures workplace skills in three areas: reading for information, locating information, and applied mathematics. This certificate is signed by the Governor and helps job-seekers demonstrate their employability.
Virtual Learning
Students who cannot make it into one of the learning centers can be assigned work through www.KYVAE.org by an Adult Education instructor.


Where can I obtain a copy of my official GED transcript?
Please visit https://ged.ky.gov/

Where can I get more information about higher education?
Please visit
Or talk to your instructor for more information

Where can I find more adult education centers in Kentucky?
For a list of centers across the state, click on

I have already taken the GED test.  Can I check my scores online?
You can check your scores by going to