GED Testing Website

(Official site, for teachers and students)

Teacher Resource Websites

(great resource for literacy information, including the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles)

KET GED Preparation for Adult Instructors

(Link to online KET resources for GED preparation, including information on the KYAE/KET partnership services; FastForward Video streaming, and much more!)

Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD)

Marshall Adult Basic Education

(wonderful resource for graded reading activities online and other student/teacher resources)

The OWL at Purdue University Adult Education Page

The OWL at Purdue University Writing Lab Center

Super Teacher Worksheets

Student Resource Websites

KET GED Connection Page for Adult Students

(Link for KY adult education student resources available through KET.  For KY residents only.)

KET Literacy Link

(A great online resource for all adult education students, including access to all of KET's online resources and supplementary materials for its TV programming.) YouTube Channel 

(Great resource for math!)

Khan Academy

(A not-for-profit education organization dedicated to helping to provide free education in many, many subjects!  A great site!)


(Goodwill Community Foundation website dedicated to providing free education in a variety of topics, including reading, math, and computer skills.)

Keyboarding Skills Websites

(great free resources for typing lessons, games, and activities. thanks to Marion Technical College's ABLE program for the information.)