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Chapter 1: Intro/ Overview

  • Digital textbooks can be used for many purposes and take on many forms. A teacher could use one for a portion of a class or an entire curriculum. The major benefits include increasing accessibility of classroom resources, going from static to alive/ electric, from one way transfer to interactive and collaborative, aligning with Universal Design for Learning, engaging students with high-quality multimedia resources that are up to date, and more.
  • Google Sites is one of many tools that could be used for digital textbooks. Others could work for you. This is the tool that I think is most useful for and usable by educators using Google Apps for Education

Key Terms

Web Widget/ Gadget

You can use text boxes like this to house links or other resources

I have many reasons for choosing Google Sites. One of them is the compatibility with other Google Applications. Check out my Google Presentation below for an example and to see more:

Why Use Google Sites for Digital Textbooks