V. Kelly Turner, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Urban Planning
Luskin School of Public Policy
University of California Los Angeles

Dr. Turner earned a PhD in Geography from Arizona State University in 2013 and has extensive interdisciplinary experiences as an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (NSF-IGERT) in Urban Ecology Fellow and through research activities with the Decision Center for a Desert City (NSF-DMUU) and the Central Arizona Project (CAP) Long Term Ecological Research project (NSF-LTER). 

Her work asks: How do we plan, build, and manage cities to achieve measurable environmental improvements? Broadly, she pulls from an approach some are calling "urbanization science" and recasts built examples of green design as urban ecological experiments. She addresses this question by examining (1) institutional frameworks and arrangements for urban planning and development, (2) quantifying resource consumption and ecosystem service provisioning in urban environments, and (3) empirically connecting social and ecological system dynamics. In addition, she is interested in interdisciplinary research institutions and pedagogy.