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Practicum Artifacts

Although much of my daily work in the library during my practicum is difficult to capture in a folio, below are a few artifacts I created during the course of my time at Old Trail.

2nd Grade Scavenger Hunt

The second grade classes studied different resources and how to use them all year.  As we discussed how best to assess the success of their program of instruction, we came up with the idea of a "scavenger hunt" of sorts to see if they could accomplish two major objectives using what they had learned through the year.  We wanted to know if 1. They could identify the type of resource they would need to solve a given information problem, and if 2. They could locate and utilize the resource to answer their question.

Heritage Diversity Bibliography

Old Trail focuses on several initiatives every year concerned simply with helping the students become conscious citizens of the global community.  Every year, they host a Diversity Week in which a different aspect of diversity is examined in order to raise awareness.  This year, the topic chosen was the diversity of our heritage.  I was asked to develop a list of print resources that our library already owned which could be placed in baskets in the teacher work and lunchrooms.  Teachers would be able to take the books to read to or with their classes or to promote with their students. 

Diversity – Cultural Heritage Bibilography


Picture Books

Ÿ         Ada, Alma Flor. I Love Saturdays y Domingos

Ÿ         Adoff, Arnold. Black is Brown is Tan.

Ÿ         Bunting, Eve. One Candle.

Ÿ         Choi, Yangsook. The Name Jar.

Ÿ         Compestine, Ying Chang. D is for Dragon Dance.

Ÿ         Davol, Marguerite. Black, White, Just Right!

Ÿ         Falwell, Cathryn. David’s Drawings.

Ÿ         Forche, Carolyn. Colors Come from God…Just Like Me!

Ÿ         Fox, Mem. Whoever You Are.

Ÿ         Friedman, Ina R. How My Parents Learned to Eat.

Ÿ         Garland, Sherry. My Father’s Boat.

Ÿ         Hamanaka, Sheila. Grandparents song.

Ÿ         Heo, Yumi. Father’s Rubber Shoes.

Ÿ         Hoffman, Mary. 2007. Princess Grace.

Ÿ         Igus, Toyomi. Two Mrs. Gibsons.

Ÿ         Katz, Karen. 1999. The Colors of Us.

Ÿ         Kent, Rose. 2007. Kimchi and Calimari. New York: HarperCollins.

Ÿ         Kissinger, Kate. All the Colors We Are.

Ÿ         Kroll, Virginia. 1992. Masai and I.

Ÿ         Lin, Grace. Dim Sum for Everyone.

Ÿ         Look, Lenore. Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding.

Ÿ         Makhijani, Pooja. 2007. Mama’s Saris. New York: Little, Brown & Company.

Ÿ         Mendez, Phil. 1989. The Black Snowman. New York: Scholastic.

Ÿ         Monk, Isabell. 1999. Hope. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books.

Ÿ         Nelson, Kadir. 2005. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

Ÿ         Park, Linda Sue. 2005. Bee-Bim Bop!

Ÿ         Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Pretty Brown Face.

Ÿ         Polacco, Patricia. The Keeping Quilt.

Ÿ         Recorvits, Helen. My Name is Yoon.

Ÿ         Sis, Peter. 2000. Madlenka. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux.

Ÿ         Smith, Charles. R. 2009. My People. New York: Atheneum.

Ÿ         Wong, Janet. 2002. Apple Pie 4th of July.



Ÿ         Holliday, Laurel. 1999. Children of the Dream: Our Own Stories of Growing Up Black in America. New York: Pocket Books.

Ÿ         Lester, Julius. Let’s Talk about Race.

Ÿ         Leventhal, Debra. What is Your Language?

Ÿ         Martinez, Elizabeth Coonrod. 1995. The Mexican-American Experience. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press.

Ÿ         Medearis, Angela Shelf. 1994. Our People. New York: Maxwell Macmillan.

Ÿ         Nichols, Richard. 1998. A Story to Tell: Traditions of a Tlingit Community. Minneapolis: Lerner.

Ÿ         Ortiz Cofer, Judith. 1995. An Island Like You: Stories of the Barrio. New York: Orchard.

Ÿ         Parker, Toni Trent. 2005. Sienna’s Scrapbook: Our African-American Heritage Trip. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Ÿ         Rappaport, Doreen. 2002. We Are the Many: A Picture Book of American Indians. New York: HarperCollins.

Ÿ         Rosenberg, Maxine B. Living in Two Worlds: The Story of Bi-Racial

Ÿ         Sis, Peter. 2007. The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain.

Ÿ         Smith Jr., Charles R. I Am America.



Ÿ         Adoff, Arnold. All the Colors of the Race

Ÿ         Jones, Hettie. 1993. The Trees Stand Shining: Poetry of the North American Indians. New York: Dial Books.

Ÿ         Mak, Kam. My Chinatown: One Year in Poems.

Ÿ         Neil, Philip. 1996. Earth Always Endures: Native American Poems. New York: Viking.

Ÿ         Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. 1989. Dancing Teepees: Poems of American Indian Youth. New York: Holiday House.

Ÿ         Wells, Ruth. A to Zen: A Book of Japanese Culture.

Ÿ         Wong, Janet S. 1996. A Suitcase of Seaweed and Other Poems. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books.



Ÿ         Alexie, Sherman. 2007. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Ÿ         Brink, Carol Ryrie. 1935. Caddie Woodlawn.

Ÿ         Myers, Walter Dean. The Glory Field.

Ÿ         Napoli, Donna Jo. 2004. North.

Ÿ         Park, Linda Sue. 2001. A Single Shard.

Ÿ         Ryan, Pam Munoz. Becoming Naomi Leon.

Ÿ         Ryan, Pam Munoz. Esperanza Rising.

Ÿ         Smith, Cynthia Leitich. 2002. Indian Shoes. New York: HarperCollins.

Ÿ         Yep, Laurence. Dragon’s Gate.

Ÿ         Yep, Laurence. Dragonwings.

Ÿ         Yep, Laurence. Child of the Owl.

Ÿ         Yep, Laurence. Thief of Hearts.

Ÿ         Yolen, Jane. The Devil’s Arithmetic.

Book Promotion Ad

The library purchased several books on sexual and reproductive education.  While the books use child-friendly language, and are quite frank in explaining the answers to young people's questions about sex and their bodies, our library serves patrons from two years old up through eighth grade all in the same facility.  Several of the illustrations in the book had raised some concern among both staff and parents, and so after much discussion, the decision was made to place the books in the parent and professional collection.  I was asked to write a short ad to promote the books for the school newsletter.

Summer Reading List

I had the opportunity to be a part of the regional independent schools' network meetings in which we developed a summer reading list for all grades.  I worked on both the Pre-K to Kindergarten team and the 9th and 10th grade team.  This document is available online by clicking the pictures below.

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