Project Timeline


W1 Jan 22

W2 Jan 29

W4 Feb 12

W8 Mar 12

W12 Apr 16

W14 April 30

W15 May 7

W16 FRIDAY May 12

Select title

Order bibliographies of author’s work

Speak to the Prof about your selection.

Post info on BB & course site

Write proposal for Exhibit

Description first edition due

Description second and third editions due

Descriptions digital editions due

Edit webpage. Post podcast

Review other students’ pages

Final paper / diary of exhibit due

2 points

3 pts

5 pts

5 pts

5 pts

5 pts


5 pts

Virtual Exhibit of a Book This semester you will be studying a book, so pick an author from the list who intrigues you. This project will familiarize students with specialized research tools and techniques utilized by Rare Book Librarians and to learn to identify various editions of same title.

The finished project will be a virtual exhibition about your author and his or her work. You want to make your exhibit interesting and thought provoking so visitors (your fellow classmates) want to read the book and study the author. This project takes time and is detail oriented. Don’t leave your exhibit on the site to the last minute. This is your exhibit so be creative. No two exhibits will have the same in look and feel.

NOTE: Pay attention to copyright laws. Any images on the website must be in the public domain (pre-1923), otherwise, include links to the images.

Here is an example of an exhibit of book:

“Cataloging of All 11th Century Books by Athanasius Kircher Complete!” Echoes from the Vault: Special Collections of the University of St. Andrews

Miriam Kahn,
Feb 12, 2017, 8:50 AM