Maxwell History

The following links will take you to the books listed below.  All are in the public domain and are free to download as pdf files.
Dictionary of National Biography, Sidney Lee, 1894.

Maxwell History and Genealogy, Florence Wilson Houston, 1916.
The Book of Carlaverock: Memoirs of the Maxwells, Earls of Nithsdale, Lords Maxwell & Herries, Vol. I and Vol. II, William Fraser, 1873.
Memoirs of the Maxwells of Pollok, Vol. I and Vol. II, William Fraser, 1863.

I've attached an overview of the Dictionary of National Biography in the files section below.

I've also included some files from the site in the document: "VI. Early Maxwell lines" from the Maxwell section on my Scatterty-Scatterday website (in the files section below). 

(Reproduction of content allowed from non-profit individual use.)  I needed to reduce the file to get it to upload on this site so it got a bit blurry but it is still quite legible.  

The Gladstone-Maxwell connection is discussed at the  Thank you to Lance Gladstone for referring me to the book:

The Historical Families of Dunfriesshire and the Border Wars, C L Johnstone, 1878.


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