KHS Chromebook Launch Page

Distance Learning Tips

Something not working? Try re-starting your browser or powering your Chromebook off and on. If that doesn't work, clear your cache using the directions below. This helps with some login issues.

***Clearing your cache/cookies****

How to unlock your Camera or Microphone on your Chromebook

How to split screens on your Chromebook

Submitting work using your Chromebook camera

Announcements: Are you a senior or are you leaving Kelso at the end of the school year? Don't forget to clean out your Google Drive account. Unused accounts will be deleted over the summer. Luckily, it's easy to export documents out of Google Drive following these directions.

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Chromebook Care

We are fortunate enough to have Chromebooks available for our use. In order to make sure that we have access to these for years to come, we need to treat them with care. Here’s what we need to do:

    • When unplugging-do so gently

    • Carry the Chromebook closed and with two hands

    • Set the Chromebook squarely on the desk, do not let it hang over the edge where it can get knocked off

    • Keep water bottle on the floor to avoid water damage

    • Make sure your hands are clean and you keep food away from the Chromebook

    • When not using your Chromebook, close it to save the battery

    • At the end of the period make sure to log off

    • Plug your Chromebook in to make sure it gets charged- look for the light

Chromebook Tech Help: If you are in need of tech support for a chromebook checked out from the Kelso School District please email