BEAT Points for MAP Testing

BEAT points


Students need to earn all of their BEAT points to enjoy the reward!!!  Do NOT tell them if they lost a point.  The complete list is posted AFTER testing is complete.

B = Behavior  

To earn the behavior point, students need to:

listen to the teacher and follow his/her directions

wait for a teacher to approve before clicking “submit”

be quiet in the hallway during any breaks

not spin in the chairs

not help others if they get stuck

keep eyes only on your own screen

use the online tools appropriately

E = Effort  

To earn the effort point, students need to:

answer each and every question

show their work if asked

answer each question completely 

A = Attendance 

To earn the attendance point, the students need to:

be at school during every test session

be on time to the testing session

Being absent for any reason will eliminate the attendance point.

T = Time Management 

To earn the time management point, students need to:

bring an AR book to each test session 

spend an appropriate amount of time answering the questions (not rushing through the test)