South America Sabbatical Adventure 2012!

Learning about South America Through Mr. Elder's Rambling Around the Continent!

Sabbatical Slideshow 2012

Mr. Elder traveled to South America during the 2nd semester of the 2011-12 school year. His photos as well as his travel blog may be found using the links below!

Mr. Elder's original plan was to do the following:

  • The first week of February, begin his journey in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the annual Carnival Celebration.
  • Travel through Brazil to Iguassu Falls on the Paraguay border.
  • work his way through Paraguay and Bolivia, finishing in Peru.
  • Return home on the first week of May, flying from Lima, Peru.
  • Study Spanish along the way.
  • Learn about the people, languages, cultures, and landscapes of places visited in South America.

In reality, however, this adventure unfolded quite differently. As a member of Couchsurfing, Mr. Elder had arranged a home-stay in Rio for the first two nights of his trip.

Beyond that, he made no lodging, travel, or advance ticket purchases. His goal was to experience life in South America, and he wanted nothing to do with schedules or plans that would dictate his itinerary!

From this page, you can link to a number of sites to better learn about Mr. Elder's journey... Happy Exploring!!

Mr. Elder's Travel Blog. This is where stories about my trip are logged. As often as I found time, I posted updates about my travels on this site.

Photo Albums: click here!

Use this link to see all photos by country and location.


Maps of my Travels Using... Spot Adventures!

Skype User: keldermt. Mr. Elder will try to have a Skype conversation with each period while he is gone. How successful he is will depend upon how often he is able to find wireless internet!