C.R. Anderson International Travel Experiences!

Belize & Northern Guatemala 2017 (next trip: Spring 2019)
In April 2017, C.R. Anderson went to Belize and northern Guatemala for the first time. More information will be posted soon, but for now, simply check out Mr. E's Travel Blog for some information on what we learned!

Costa Rica 2015

Blog posts and Questions of the Day! Check out the Costa Rica Adventure Blog - part of Mr. E's Travel Blog. Or, look for a blog post by its title below and go straight to it!

A group of 12 from CRA joined another 12 from Corvallis High School to make a unique Montana delegation that toured and learned about Costa Rica March 28-April 4, 2015. Blog entries linked above explained details of our trip as well as student and adult responses to a number of Mr. Elder's "Question of the Day" blog prompts... check it out!

Photo Albums:
Hey Trip Participants - add your photos too! - Want to add some photos you took to these albums? Please do! If you don't have an 'upload' option on the photos page, you can click on this link and upload the photos to my Drop-it-to-Me account. The password is drop. Please name your images so I know who took the pictures (ie., a file named Kate_12 would tell me this is picture #12 Kate has provided to be shared in the Random Photos album). Corvallis is also welcome to give me images!

General Overview of 2015 Itinerary:
  • March 28, 2015. Drove from Helena to Great Falls. Most of the group did so Friday evening the 27th. Dinner at Pizza Hut across from the Hampton Inn where we stayed. Got up and went to the airport at 5:00 a.m. Flew United Airlines to Denver, on to Houston, and then directly to San Jose, Costa Rica. Arrived about 8:00 p.m. into Costa Rica. Met Daniel and went to our hotel about 10 minutes away - the Buena Vista in Alajuela.
  • Day #1: Travel to the Sarapiqui lowland rainforest. Visit a family farm. Check in to the Hotel La Quinta, near the Tirimbina Preserve.
  • Day #2: Whitewater rafting, World-Famous Pacuare River. Return to Hotel La Quinta.
  • Day #3: Tirimbina Rainforest hike which included the longest suspension bridge in Costa Rica. Drive to La Fortuna at the base of the Arenal Volcano for lunch. Zip-lining. Check into the Hotel Arenal Paraiso and hot springs for the night.
  • Day #4: CRA departs early for a hike to the 250' Arenal Waterfall. About 10 a.m., join Corvallis on the bus and proceed to the Pacific Coast via the Continental Divide and the Cloud Forest eco-system. Check into the Hotel Walt Paraiso (Playa Esterillos Oeste). Watch the sunset on the beach!
  • Day #5: Early departure for the Tárcoles River for a river tour by our boat Captain Oscar. Saw many birds and a number of crocodiles! Return to Hotel Walt Paraiso for night #2. 
  • Day #6: Some opt to go to the beach before 5:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise! Lounge on the beach and at the hotel until 11:30. Depart for San Jose, stopping for ice cream at the super-mercado (shopping center) and for lunch at the Crocodile Bridge... optional coffee tour with Daniel's parents and brother upon return to San Jose. Corvallis checked into their rooms at the Hotel Buena Vista. CRA had one room to store baggage in and shower as desired. Dinner at 7:30 at El Mirador, the restaurant that overlooks the central valley. Afterward, students and adults from both towns met in the lobby of the hotel and visited briefly about the whole experience. About 10:15 p.m., CRA headed for the airport. Our flight home left San Jose about 12:30 a.m.  We went via Houston to Denver (the Houston to Denver leg was the nicest plane any of us had ever seen), and thanks to a delay in departing Houston, barely made our connecting flight on in to Great Falls. We arrived back in Montana in the early afternoon. Students were reunited with parents, except for Wyatt, whose mother and father were returning from Virginia where they purchased a new home - Wyatt will be going to University High School as a freshman next year in his new home!

Costa Rica 2013

Photo Albums:
    • Album #1: Traveling Down and going to Tirimbina Rainforest Center.
    • Album #2: La Fortuna Area at the Base of Arenal Volcano, Waterfalls and Zip-Lining!
    • Album #3: Quepos, on the Beach and Manuel Antonio National Park
    • Album #4: "Water Camera" album. Photos taken by Mr. E that were in/around the water!
    • Album #5: The last day before traveling home... Catamaran and then to San Jose area

We started at the Tirimbina Rainforest Center, a couple hours north of San Jose. 

From there, we found our way to a waterfall and did some zip-lining near La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano.

Finally, we traveled to the beaches on the Pacific side of the country... and saw some awesome wildlife in Manuel Antonio National Park - a short walk down the beach from our hotel! We finished the trip off with a Catamaran cruise and travel back to San Jose.


This provides a basic introduction for people who may be interested in future CRA international adventures! Watch this site for information about upcoming excursions as they develop.

The spring of 2013 was C.R. Anderson Middle School's first-ever International Educational Experience! A group of about 20 students and parents went with Miss Pancich and Mr. Elder during our spring break - the first week of April. The second group went in the spring of 2015, and the next scheduled adventure will be during spring break in 2017.  Stay tuned for more information!

Monthly payments were automatically set up when you go online to register (www.globaltravelalliance.com/enrollment). Monthly payment amounts are based on total trip cost divided by the number of months prior to the trip - the sooner you register, the less the monthly payments!

Parents made up one half of the travel party; although many said (see their comments in the 2013 blog postings) they would not feel they needed to come if they were to do this again. In 2015, there were three parents who joined Mr. Elder and the eight students for the trip.

The trips are organized by Mr. Elder at CRA. Paul Belanger with Global Travel Alliance (406.206.0533) has done an excellent job of coordinating our group tours.