Mr. Clark Blanton

Mr. Blanton is the choral director at Kellenberg Memorial High School.  

Mr. Blanton can be reached via email me at or call the school at (516)292-0200 x359.

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Students in the Introduction to Music students can use this site to access daily topics and homework assignments and handouts for the class.  Click on the Introduction to Music link for access.

Students in Choruses can use this site to access performance calendars, rehearsal updates, even (on occasion) postings of your vocal parts to help you practice!
All music students can use this site to access NYSSMA information.

Music Theory students should use their page to access important information and updates.

Information concerning our CHORUS DAY ON BROADWAY will be posted on the Chorus/Band/Orchestra trip page.
Mr. Blanton can be reached by calling the school at 516-292-0200 x 359 or via email at