Christian Morality Honors

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Trimester  1
    Christian Humanism
    1.    Comparison with three other outlooks and the importance of a frame of reference.
           Cf.     "Looking at Life"
                    "The Prevailing Philosophy"
                    "Christianity and the New Paganism"
    2. The three levels of the human personality.
    3. The FIVE FACULTIES (or powers) in the human personality.
        Cf.     Class notes:    "Conclusions"
    The Happiness Dilemma
    1. Two views of happiness.
    2. Happiness comes on the re-bound.
        Cf. articles:    "Commitment and Meaning"
                             "The Paradox of Prosperity"
                              Class notes: "Conclusions"
    Self-Knowledge and Self-Acceptance
    1. Confer with the following articles:
            a. "Polishing the lens of selfhood"
            b. "Loss of self"
            c. "Johari Window"
    2. Enneagram

            a. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator
    The Freedom Dilemma
    1. Cf.     MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING by Viktor Frankl

    2. Cf     article        "What Freedom Is" (Rollo May)
    3. Class notes especially on the three human attitudes toward human freedom.
Trimester 2    


    1. Cf.     play    "A Man for All Seasons" by Robert Bolt
    2. Cf.     article:    "The Nature of Conscience"
    3. Cf.    Class Notes on Conscience
    Additional Clarifications on Conscience
    1.     Roles of Conscience
    2.     Value of Laws
            Cf.    article    "Can Conscience be my Guide?"
Evil/  Sin/Grace

Readings:  “Mortal Sin: You Can’t Run Away From Home All At Once”     Fr. Nicholas Lohkamp, O.F.M.

                 “The Freedom of a Guilty Conscience”                                  Stanley Hauerwas

                 “What’s so Amazing about Grace?”                                      James Long

Trimester 3

Conversion (Flannery O'Connor) 
        Cf.    Short stories
                        a.     Everything That Rises Must Converge
                     b.    The Lame Shall Enter First
                     c.    A Good Man Is Hard to Find
                     d.    A View of the Woods

        e.    Parker's Back                                                                                              

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