Adopt a Pot Flower Towers
We expanded our number of pots from 20 to 24 to accommodate requests from businesses who have been supporting our work.  We welcome 2 of our newest participants:  Jackson Contractor Group and Big Sky Pharmacy.  Thank you for putting so much love into your Adopt a Pots! 

These pots were the dream child of Pine Hills Ag Instructor, Kayla McGibbons.  Pots were prepared, planted, and delivered by Pine Hills staff and students with assistance from KMCB volunteers and supplies from ACE Hardware.

Recycling Bins in the parks from Dr. Pepper/Snapple

     20 recycle bins are now available to residents of Miles City.  The bins were installed at the end of June.  42 bags of recyclables have been collected to date.  Keep Miles City Beautiful board members have been collecting and delivering the cans and bottles to EMI.  
     This is another advantage of being an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.  Many of our ongoing projects, including Adopt a Pot, were created as a result of start-up grants administered by Keep America Beautiful.

Keep Miles City Beautiful, in November 2010, became an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s largest nonprofit community improvement and education organization.  KAB believes that we each have an obligation to preserve our communities.  Through the work of individuals, we collectively have a huge impact on the world.

Become a Volunteer
Volunteers are needed for cleanups April through October and for America Recycles Day in November.  The Adopt-a-Spot program appreciates groups and families who adopt designated sites for cleanup.

Call KMCB at 951-0967 for more information. Learn More

In the Community
KMCB volunteers participate in a host of ongoing and one-time projects in Miles City.  Activities include Adopt-a-Pot, Adopt-a-Spot, Bucking Horse Sale and Fairgrounds Recycling, Great American Cleanup and more.