Million Dollar Club

Our Million Dollar Club is your opportunity to participate.

To keep pace with the growing needs of our environment, the Endowment finds it necessary to broaden its base of financial resources.  To accomplish this goal, the Endowment  established the Million Dollar Club as a means of raising an initial one million dollars for a dedicated capital fund.

To become a member, pledge your donation of a thousand dollars or more, payable either in a lump sum, or over a ten-year period.  You may contribute in whatever increments are most convenient; a hundred dollars a year, or twenty-five dollars a year, or twenty-five dollars every three months.  Membership is open to individuals, clubs, companies and corporations.  You may also join in memory of a loved one.  Endowment directors are available to discuss specific projects or fields of interest you may wish to support.  Gifts to the Endowment qualify for tax deductions from adjusted gross income.*

Wills may be made out to The Izaak Walton League of America Endowment and are deductible for purposes of federal estate taxes and state inheritance taxes.

Life income trusts may be more advantageous than wills to donors in higher tax brackets.  In a Life Income Trust, the Endowment receives assets, invests them, and uses the fund for a conservation purpose which may be chosen by the donor.  information in how these trusts may benefit particular donors is available from the Endowment Officers.

Gifts of land may be made, either for preservation as wilderness or recreation, or for resale.  Again there are tax advantages to the donor, and Endowment officers will be pleased to discuss such gifts with you.