Support IWLA Endowment

The expressed purpose for founding the Endowment is to facilitate the conservation, maintenance, protection and restoration of the natural resources of the United States and to promote means and opportunities for the education of the public with respect to such resources and the enjoyment and wholesale utilization thereof.
As a separate corporation, the Endowment has its own Board of Directors elected by the membership of  the IWLA.  All members of the IWLA are automatically members of the Endowment.  The Board of Directors is empowered to establish policy and to approve expenditures of the Endowment.  The monetary growth of the Endowment results from donations by members, chapters, individuals, corporations and estates.
In modern times the Endowment has emphasized competitive grant giving to chapters, state divisions and the national IWLA.  These units may submit grant requests to the Endowment Directors who review the requests and determine which requests will be honored.  The Endowment will not fund land purchases or chapterhouse building or renovation.
Money available for grants each fiscal year are based on revenue(dividends, interest and unrestricted contributions) minus expenses equals eligible revenue times 80%.  This formula seeks to insure the steady growth of the Endowment's capital funds.Grant applications must be sent to all directors and the Executive Secretary.
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