Welcome to the Friends of Clay Butte Lookout Tower New Website

The Clay Butte Lookout Tower is located in the beautiful Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. The Friends of the Clay Butte Look Tower asks for help from others through donations of time, money, or other applicable skills.

We are proud to report that the lookout tower is now a registered national landmark as of January 2014. This makes it not only a fun place to travel with family and friends but also a part of the United States history. 

Our goal: "to preserve and protect the tower and provide staff to keep the tower open for visitation by the public"

To get an idea of this historic landmark take a look at our gallery page that offers a brief slideshow of some of the sites and historic equipment you can see when visiting the Clay Butte Lookout Tower. 

The Friends of Clay Butte Lookout Tower are helping to preserve a piece of American history. So please take a moment and browse through our site to find out more about the Clay Butte Lookout Tower.

Posted by Montana's Yellowstone Country on 5/20/22

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