The RUP Lesson

Developing Responsible Digital Citizens in the Kearsarge Regional School District

Step 1:  Use the resources and lesson plans from this website to facilitate understanding with your students (or children).

Step 2:  Review the RUP with your students (or children).

Step 3:  Use the DC Themes Template to create a Classroom Guide for the year and refer to it prior to each lesson that uses technology.

Step 4:  Watch an RUP Video created by students for students.  There are several Age Groups to offer choice.

Step 5:  Have ongoing discussions about responsible use, technology and digital life.

Age Group:  Kindergarten - Grade 2

The RUP Kindergarten-Grade 2

Age Group:  Grade 3 - Grade 5

The RUP Grades 3-5

Age Group:  Grade 6 - Grade 8

The RUP Grades 6-8

Age Group:  Adults (Teachers, Parents & Community)

The RUP Adults