Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans were guided by the strands of Digital Citizenship framed by Common Sense Media.

Digital Citizenship Strands
Internet Safety
Privacy & Security
Relationships & Communication
Digital Footprint & Reputation
Self Image & Identity
Information Literacy
Creative Credit & Copyright

Lesson Plan Components
Digital Citizenship Strand
Grade Level
Lesson Plan Packet
1.  Lesson Plan-Teacher Reflection
2.  Assessment Rubric
3.  Digital Artifact (sample of actual student work)
4.  Student Reflection
List of Resources
Team Member

 Digital Citizenship Strand        Grade Level
 Lesson Plan
 List of Resources Team Member
 Self Image & Identity 4  Lesson Packet Resources Lauren Simpson
 Information Literacy 5 Lesson Packet Resources Joanne Palin
 Cyberbullying 5 Lesson Packet Resources Taylor Fluery
 Internet Safety 5 Lesson Packet Resources Steven Shepherd
 Digital Footprint & Reputation 6-8Lesson Packet Resources Heather Bridges
 Creative Credit & Copyright 9-12 Lesson Packet
 Resources Jesse Fenn