Chronicle of the Incentive Team

During the 2014-2015 school year, a collaborative team worked to created these resources for the Kearsarge Regional School District.

Our work was guided by the thoughts of Laura Devaney in her blog post: The 3 Biggest Parts of Digital Citizenship

Parent Involvement
There were several Parent Nights scheduled throughout the district as we strongly believe that parents should be involved in this conversation.

KRES at Bradford:  March 13, 2015 
Team:  Lauren Simpson & Joanne Palin

Simonds School:  March 31, 2015 
Team:  Steven Shepherd & Joanne Palin

KRMS:  April 17, 2015
Team:  Heather Bridges & Jesse Fenn

KRES at New London:  April 21, 2015
Team:  Taylor Fluery

Policy Development/Character Education
One element of our work was to update our Acceptable Use Policy to a Responsible Use Policy (RUP).  
See that document here.

A second element was to create a lesson plan for understanding the elements of the RUP using language and media specific to varying grade levels.  
See that work here.

Another element of our work was to create lesson plans on one element of digital citizenship that would be used by teachers in our district.  
See that work here.

Developing Missions and Mantras
Here is our Kearsarge mantra:
  • I will use all electronic devices/software/Internet accounts in a safe and appropriate way.

  • I will use all electronic devices/software/Internet accounts at the appropriate time.

  • I will consider the impact to others by my actions with technology.

  • I will be a positive contributing member of the 21st century by publishing quality, creative, and innovative content to the Internet.

Digital Citizenship Week 2014

Each member of the team contributed to this ThingLink for Digital Citizenship Week by selecting one of the resources.  This ThingLink was posted on the website of each school in our district during the week.  The goal was to raise awareness of the comprehensive topic of digital citizenship.  Digital Citizenship isn't just about Internet safety and strong passwords.

As an additional plug for digital citizenship, Heather Bridges and Jesse Fenn emailed the student body in their respective schools during the week with a specific resource on Digital Citizenship.  

Video:  Prepared by Lauren Simpson for The School Board Presentation
May 2014