Employee Directory

E-mail is one way to communicate with employees of the Kearsarge Regional School District.  The employee email naming convention is to use the first letter of the person's first name along with the person's entire last name followed immediately with @kearsarge.org.  There are some exceptions to this rule and these are outlined below.

Exceptions to this:
Shandi Allen:  shallen@kearsarge.org
Sarah Anderson:  shanderson@kearsarge.org
Debra Cook:  debracook@kearsarge.org
Wendy Corbyn:  wbcorbyn@kearsarge
Patti D'Angelo:  pdangelo@kearsarge.org
Todd Fleury:  tmfleury@kearsarge.org
Lori Freeman:  lorifreeman@kearsarge.org
Keagan Manning-Hardy:  kmanninghardy@kearsarge.org
Karen Roberts Howell:  krobertshowell@kearsarge.org
Josette Johnson:  jojohnson@kearsarge.org
Kristin Lee:  krlee@kearsarge.org
Lauren MacLean:  lamaclean@kearsarge.org
Katherine McCandless:  kamccandless@kearsarge.org
Sandra Nelson:  senelson@kearsarge.org
Dinah O'Neil:  doneil@kearsarge.org
Merry-Lynn Paradie:  mlparadie@kearsarge.org
Kaye Saint Louis:  kstlouis@kearsarge.org
Megan Smith:  megsmith@kearsarge.org
Cindy Van Hooydonk:  cvanhooydonk@kearsarge.org