Period 1   Geography 7
 Period 2   English 8
 Period 3   Geography 7
 Period 4   English 8
 Period 5   English 8
 Period 6   Planning
 Period 7   World History 10
 Period 8   Wold History 10
1. All work is due when collected; no late work will be accpted.
 Students are expected to come to class prepared with all
 books, notebooks, trappers, and writing utensils needed.
2. Student is responsible for getting any missed work due to absence.  I will follow the school's policy on time allowed to make up work due to an absence
3. No gum, candy, or mints are permitted in class.  Fine: Student has one week to bring a box of kleenex or pay $1.  If the deadline passes, the fine doubles each week it isn't paid.
4. Students will be allowed three unexcused tardies a semester.  Upon the third tardy, the student will serve a 30 minute detention.