Coach: Kathy Niedbalski

Problem solving competion held at UNK in February.

Eight member team selected from those who participate in after school practices in October through January.

Try your hand at these Math Counts competition problems:

**A rectangular tile measures 3" by 4". What is the fewest number of these tiles that are needed to completely cover a rectangular region that is 2 feet by 5 feet?

**How many combinations of pennies, nickels and/or dimes are there with a total value of 25 cents?

**When Bob exercises, he does jumping jacks for 5 minutes, and then walks the track for 4 minutes per lap. If he exercised for 73 minutes on Monday, how many laps did he walk?

Practices will begin October 18. We will meet every Monday right after school until about 4:30. We start practice with a snack, then work some problems together, discuss/learn some facet of math not ordinarily covered in the middle school curriculum, and finish our practice by playing a game requiring logic and reasoning to win.

120 tiles, 12 combinations, 17 laps