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Why Chinese?

Because you are CURIOUS. The Chinese culture has lasted thousands of years; studying Chinese will widen your vision and inspire your imagination. This language, one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the third most utilized language in the United States, is one you want to learn.

Because a new language gives you an EDGE. As China continues to prove itself as an extraordinary economic and technological power, learning this key Asian language is a major asset. Learn how the landscape between China and the United States impacts your daily life.

Because you control your INTELLIGENCE. A comprehensive education is important and one must study the culture of others. You have the power to influence global harmony. As you learn Chinese, you will become even more prepared for active participation in the analysis of the changing relationships between China and the world.

As Kean promises to maintain affordable excellence, the Chinese Program is seeking further development, such as funding students who commit to Chinese studies, building Asian Studies Program. We never stop hard working, because it is our goal to provide the 21st century students with confidence and skills to fly.