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Minor in Chinese Studies

For undergraduates and second-baccalaureate students in any major who wish to develop their knowledge of the Chinese language and their general understanding of Chinese and the Asian world, with special focus on literature, civilization, history, culture and economy. The foundation for postgraduate study in Chinese and/or Comparative Literature, as well as in other fields of humanities and social sciences. Of interest TO students wishing to teach Chinese and also to those seeking employment in China-related companies and institutions both in China and abroad.

Course Requirements: 18 credits

2 Chinese Language courses [3000 level or above for heritage speakers]


2 Chinese Cultural Courses


2 Free Electives (from the Section A, B and C)  


Courses Offerings:

A. Language Courses
CHIN 1101: Basic Chinese I
CHIN 1102: Basic Chinese II                                   
CHIN 2101: Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2102: Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 3101: Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 3102: Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 3110: Business Chinese

B. Chinese Cultural Courses

AS 3116: Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Equivalent to FL 3216)

AS 3416: Chinese Popular Culture and Films (Equivalent to FL 3556)

AS 3211: Chinese Literature in Translation I (Equivalent to FL 3351)

AS 3212: Chinese Literature in Translation II (Equivalent to FL 3352)

C. Breadth/Cognate Requirements
HIST 2472: Modernization of China and Japan, 1600 to the Present
HIST 3410: China in the 20th Century
REL 2700: Eastern Religions
PS 3330: Far Eastern Politics
AH 3750: Arts of China