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Want to Learn Chinese? Come to Kean University. The Chinese Program at Kean offers the following courses:


Chinese Language Chinese Civilization and Culture

CHIN 1101 Basic Chinese I 

AS 3116 Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Equivalent to FL 3216)

CHIN 1102 Basic Chinese II

FL 3110 Introduction to Chinese Civilization 

Travel Learn Course

CHIN 2101 Intermediate Chinese I

AS 3416 Chinese Popular Cutlure and Films (Equivalent to FL 3556)

CHIN 2102 Intermediate Chinese II

AS 3211 Survey of Chinese Literature in Translation I (Equivalent to FL 3351)

CHIN 3101 Advanced Chinese I

AS 3212 Survey of Chinese Literature in Translation II (Equivalent to FL 3352)

CHIN 3102 Advanced Chinese II

 AS 2110 Survey of Chinese Culture

AS 3215 Chinese Literature Across Media

CHIN 3110 Business Chinese