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A. Language Courses

CHIN 1101: Basic Chinese I

CHIN 1102: Basic Chinese II    

CHIN 2101: Intermediate Chinese I

CHIN 2102: Intermediate Chinese II                              

CHIN 3101: Advanced Chinese I

CHIN 3102: Advanced Chinese II

CHIN 3110: Business Chinese

B. Other major courses

AS 2000 Introduction to Asian Studies

AS 2110: Survey of Chinese Culture

AS 2260 Asian Theatre

AS 3116 Introduction to Chinese Civilization

AS 3211: Chinese Literature in Translation I

AS 3212: Chinese Literature in Translation II

AS 3215: Chinese Literature Across Media

AS 3232 Indian Bhakti Poetry

AS 3233 Indian Cinema 

AS 3416: Chinese Popular Culture and Films

AS 3452: Images of Asian and Asian Americans

AS 4991:  Internship

AS 4999: Independent study

AH 3750: The Arts of China

AH 3751: The Arts of Japan

AH 3720:  The Arts of India

ENG 3205 Literature of the East

                                ENG 3231/AS 3231: Indian Bhakti Poetry

ENG 3365: Post-Colonial Literature

ENG 3725: Ethnic American Literature

ENG 3750: Writers of the Asian Diaspora

HIST 2471 History of East Asian Civil.

HIST 2472 Modernization of China and Japan

                                HIST 3400: Diplomatic History of the Far East in the 19th and    

20th Centuries

HIST 3410: China in the 20th Century

HIST 4410: The Rise of Modern Japan, 1600-1970

HIST 4430: Genocide in Asian History

HIST 4842: The Asian Woman

PS 3320: The Politics of the Middle East

PS 3330: Far Eastern Politics

PS 3430 International Terrorism 

PS 3450: Conduct of US Foreign Policy

PS 3455 Chinese Foreign Policy

PS 3470: The Politics of International Economic Relations

COMM 3613: International Comparative Media

COMM 3623: International News

ID 4100: China During the Age of Confucius

REL 2700 Eastern Religions

PHIL 2203 Philosophies of Asia