Xurong Kong, Ph.D.

Dr. Kong is a Professor of Chinese Literature and Civilization in History Department, director of Chinese Studies and Asian Studies. 

Her research focuses on early medieval Chinese poetry. She also works on issues of modern culture, lending her training in classical literature and art to these inquiries. 

She has written on the third century poetic development, individual poets such as Fu Xuan and Tao Yuanming, military uniform as fashion during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976),  and two books translating the History of the Later Han and the Selections from Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government into English for China Book Company. 

Her current research project aims to close the gap between the study of Silk Road and the study of the third century literary writing in China. 

Besides research and teaching, Dr. Kong is also passionate about offering public talks, as she has given talks at the following institutes and organizations: China's National Museum of Chinese Writing, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University, Renmin University of China, Hebei Normal University, Sichuan University, Sichuan Normal University, Jilin University, Langfang Teachers College, Capital Normal University, Shanxi Writers Association, Jiexiu Government, Pascack Valley High School, Jiexiu Government, Hudson County Superior Court of New Jersey, New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and China Institute. 

In 2014, Dr. Kong was selected to be Foreign Expert at the Center for Yungang Cultural Studies of Datong University in Shanxi Province of China, and Yungang Grottoes is an UNESCO World  Heritage Site. 

孔旭荣, 北京师范大学古典文学硕士,美国威斯康星大学麦迪分校中国文学士和博士。目前任教于肯恩大学史系, 2011生教授格。目前她是中文研究和洲研究两个学术项目的负责人。 她有丰富的汉语教学经验,曾任教于圣地哥州立大学和哥大学。她的主要研究域是中国中古歌,研究延伸到了对现代文化的反思与批。她的研究成果包括公元三世的辞赋发展,傅玄和陶渊明的研究,文革中装的研究, 以及华书局翻译的治通》和《后汉书。目前她潜心研究丝绸之路和三世纪文学的关系研究的同时她也注重和国内大学的往来,她曾拜访以下大学并做报告:中國社會科學院、首都师范大学、人民大学、吉林大学、四川大學、河北师范大学、四川师范大学、廊坊师范学院、山西省介休市政府、山西作家協會、香港浸会大学、中國國家文字博物館。2014年秋被山西大同大学云岗研究中心聘为外籍专家。

Director, Chinese Studies

Director, Asian Studies

Kean University

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