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Activism - At Kean and Beyond

Activism - At Kean and Beyond

The Feminist eZine collects and archives feminist articles, essays, editorials and writing on all sorts of topics for research purposes. If you have written an article or know of a good historical article we should have on here pleasecontact the editor Suzanne MacNevin. All of our staff are volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering we WANT you.

The Feminist eZine also operates the feminist blog "Feminist Truths" and is involved with the general news blog "Lilith News". And finally Suzanne MacNevin's personal

The Feminist eZine has been active (in one form or another) since 2000. When it started it was known as "1001 Feminist Links" but some of the links died and we decided that we should start archiving the feminist articles we found (in addition to writing our own) rather than see them disappear over time into non-existence and be forgotten about. Thus our site has evolved over time so that by 2007 we registered as a .com, in combination with the Lilith eZine(a feminist / liberally minded general purpose online magazine).

The site is advertising and donation supported. Most people seem to prefer advertising, but both donations and advertising are equally welcome. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to send us comments and feedback on the site!

If you still want to support the Feminist eZine (but lack the funds to do so) please tell your friends about us, post links to us or better yet, volunteer and write for us. The Feminist eZine is a community for all feminists and we look forward to what you have to contribute!

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