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The following are suggestions that will make it easier to teach and work with students with learning disabilities:

  • It would be helpful to make an announcement at the first meeting of the class such as this:  "Any student who feels that he/she may need an accommodation for any sort of disability, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours."  This approach preserves student's privacy and indicates the willingness of the faculty member to provide the accommodations necessary.
  • Be aware that some students may wait until after this time.  Requests will be processed at any time during the semester, but will not be retroactive.
  • Verification of the learning disability from the student is provided on the official Accommodation Form from our office.
  • Call the faculty at Project Excel and use us as a resource to verify reasonable accommodations for each student and to help you better understand appropriate reasonable accommodations.
  • Do not compromise the content of your course or the requirements for satisfactory course completion.
  • Encourage and inform students needing services to contact Project Excel.
  • Confidentiality of all information is essential.  At no time should the class be informed that a student has a disability.  All information shared with the instructor/professor si for arranging accommodations.
  • Students need not disclose the specific nature of their disability to a faculty member, but rather use Project Excel as their mediator and source of recommending appropriate reasonable accommodations to the instructor/professor.
  • It would be helpful to provide students with a detailed course syllabus that is available as soon as possible.
  • If possible, select a textbook with an accompanying study guide for optional student use.
  • Clearly spell out expectations at the beginning of the semester (e.g. grading, material to be covered, due dates).
  • It is suggested that you speak directly to students, and use gestures and natural expressions to convey further meaning.
  • Announce reading assignments well in advance for students who are using taped materials or other alternative formats.  It takes an average of six weeks to get a book tape-recorded.
  • Present new or technical vocabulary on the blackboard or use a handout.  Terms should be used in context to convey greater meaning.
  • Give assignments both orally and in written form to avoid confusion.
  • Provide adequate opportunities for question and answers, including review sessions.
  • Provide study questions for exams that demonstrate the format of the test, as well as study questions on content.  Explain what constitutes a good answer and why.


Please call Project Excel to speak with one of our Mentors
if you should have any further questions regarding Federal Law,
Project Excel at Kean University, concerns about an individual student
or learning disabilities in general.

Project Excel
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Room 105A
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