What are the basic requirements to qualify for admission?

  1. Earned Bachelor’s Degree- (Must submit a degree posted college transcript)
  2. Overall GPA of  3.0
  3. Praxis II Exam

How do I apply?

Apply on-line at the Kean University website - www.kean.edu, using the Undergraduate Admissions application. Official College Transcripts from EVERY college attended, a copy of any New Jersey certificate(s) held, and a copy of passing Praxis II scores must be mailed to the Teacher Certification office(Hennings Hall Room 214) or Undergraduate Admissions office(Kean Hall). If there are any questions about the application, please contact our office at (908)737-4130

What if my GPA is below 3.0?

A 2.75 grade point average is required from The New Jersey State Department of Education to receive certification.  However, Kean University requires all certification applicants to have an overall G.P.A of 3.0 or higher.   If a candidate does not meet this requirement there are some other options available. Please contact our office for advisement.

Is the Praxis required for all certification programs?

All Elementary Education and P-3 applicants must take the Praxis II exam prior to admission. Copies of the test scores are required for admissions.  (Test scores must be current.)

K-12 applicants with an Undergraduate degree in the same subject area are required to take the Praxis prior to admission. Otherwise, the Praxis II exam must be taken while enrolled in the program and prior to professional field placements.

Teacher of Bilingual/Bicultural, School Nurse Certification presently do not require the Praxis II exam.

How many credits are required for Certification?

The professional Sequence is a minimum of 30 credits for all certification options. If you attend classes on a full time basis, you may complete your program within a year and a summer. If you need additional credits in the content for example, your completion time will be longer. (To review the guide sheets for your certification option, look under Certifications.)

Are credits from my BA transferable into the Post Baccalaureate Program?

No, the Post Baccalaureate program is not a degree track program therefore credits are not transferable. However, if you have taken some of your courses as an undergraduate, and the program approves the equivalences, then some courses could be eliminated. All applicants must submit copies of transcripts of all institutions attended.

Are courses available in the summer?

Course offerings are available Fall, Spring and Summer, evenings and during the day. However, professional field placements are only offered during the day, Fall and Spring semesters.

If I am already a certified teacher can I earn additional certifications in another field?

Our office offers endorsement programs for most teaching fields. Applicants must complete the undergraduate admission application and provide a copy of their initial New Jersey teacher certificate as well as praxis II scores. (To review the guide sheets for your certification option, look under Certifications.)

Can I get my certification at Kean University through the Alternate Route Program?

No, the Post Baccalaureate program is not an Alternate Route Program. Alternate Route Programs are obtained through state or the county offices.

Can I do a Masters program in certification?

You can do a MA in Curriculum and Instruction. This program has certification as part of the degree. To qualify, you must meet the same GPA requirement and you must apply to the Nathan Weiss Graduate School for Admission, (908) 737-4723.

Once the program is completed, how long will it take to get my certification?

After completion of the program, the Post Baccalaureate program will file your certification papers with the Department of Licensing in Trenton, NJ. Certification papers must be submitted to the Office of Post Baccalaureate Certification. It takes 6-8 weeks after the filing date(s): February 15, June 15 and August 30.

Can I get Financial Aid?

You are eligible for Financial Aid Loans if you file a financial aid form to FAFSA. The financial aid office number is (908) 737-3190.