ENG 1030 English Composition (3 Credits)  Expository and persuasive writing for academic purposes. Emphasis upon writing as a reflective and social process; writing across the curriculum; critical thinking; and the development of a personal intellectual perspective and style of expression.

ENG 2403 World Literature (3 Credits)
  Reading in world literatures from ancient times to the present. Emphasis on cultural diversity, selected themes, and literary genres. Development of aesthetic and ethical values and of critical reading, thinking, and writing. Prerequisites: ENG 1030 (or equivalent) and completion of any freshman placement requirements in reading.

ENG 2000 Writing About Literature (3 credits)
  Critical reading and writing about fiction, poetry, and drama.

ENG 3215 Literature of the East (3 credits) 
Traditional and contemporary writings (epic, novel, poetry, short story, drama) from the Near and Far East examined for literary, aesthetic, and transcultural values.

ENG 3365 Postcolonial Literature (3 credits)
  Examination of literatures and literary theories of colonialism and postcolonialism, with an emphasis on narratives written in English.  Prerequisites: ENG 2403.

ENG 3725 Ethnic American Literature (3 credits)
  The study of African, Asian/Pacific, Hispanic, Native American, and other ethnic American Literature. Prerequisite: ENG 2403

ENG 3750 Writers of the Asian Diaspora (3 credits)
  Examination of Asian fiction (including cinematic literature) in the west, particularly in the U.S., with an emphasis on the concepts of diaspora, colonial histories, border identities, and cultural and ethnic representations.

ENG 5081 Writing Electronic Literature (3 credits)  Overview of established and emerging forms of electronic literature including hypertext fiction, network fiction, interactive works, and digital poetry. Students read, analyze, and compose a variety of emerging genres of electronic literature.

ENG 5155 The Language of Race and Ethnic Identity (3 credits) Examination of representations of race and ethnicity and how the relationship between language and power influences the socio-rhetorical construction of identity—one’s own and others'. 

ENG 5380 Contemporary Literature (3 credits)  Designed to enable the mature student to explore the literature of the present day with emphasis placed equally upon discussion of common readings and research in independently selected materials. Concentration on writing done since World War II with sufficient background provided in the history and development of both European and American literatures to afford a broad and rich perspective on contemporary belles-lettres.


The Kean University Web Publishing program focuses on the advent of the blog and how blogging and journalism have recently converged. The course explores the concept of narrative as it pertains to the web. Students are encouraged to write about every facet of their Kean experience (Academic, Athletic, Resident, Artistic, Social) via Kean XChange's student blog.  Participants are encouraged to contribute serialized fiction, performance footage, monologues, video-logs and other cutting edge new media projects.  The course also probes the intersection between web publishing and literature. Students explore how serialization and the democratization of writing were integral to the rise of new media. How is the blog, an episodic new literary form, part of a broader tradition?   



Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow, Fordham University
Adjunct Professor of the Humanities, Cooper Union
Adjunct Professor, English Department, Fairfield University
Fulbright Foundation Scholar and Lecturer, Manila, Philippines


2011 Presidential Excellence Award