Math 5700 Fall 2015

Instructor: Dr.R.  Narasimhan

Department: Mathematics     Office:  C-211  Email: rnarasim[at]  Phone:  (908) 737-3716 

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Textbook: Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers (Maa Textbooks)

By Elizabeth G. Bremigan, Ralph J. Bremigan, and John D. Lorch

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 Due Date
 Problems (problems in red are to be handed in) Please follow guidelines for homework given in syllabus
 Sept. 15
 p. 4 #2a-2e, #5a-5c
p. 14, #2,6,7,9

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Supplemental chapter on Functions from Proofs text
Sept. 29p.20 #11(a)-(g); #12(a)-(g), p.25 #10 , 15,16,17

See attached file below for the syllabus for the course. 
Revathi Narasimhan,
Sep 1, 2015, 4:27 PM