Math 5700 Fall 2014

Instructor: Dr.R.  Narasimhan

Department: Mathematics     Office:  C-211  Email: rnarasim[at]  Phone:  (908) 737-3716 

Office Hours :

M: 11:00AM-1:30PM; W: 11AM-1:30PM; Tu: 7:00-7:30PM; F: 11AM-1:30PM

Textbook: Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers (Maa Textbooks)

By Elizabeth G. Bremigan, Ralph J. Bremigan, and John D. Lorch

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 Due Date
 Problems (problems in red are to be handed in) Please follow guidelines for homework given in syllabus
 Sept. 24
 p. 4 #2a-2e, #5a-5c
p. 14, #2,6,7,9
p.20 #11(a)-(g); #12(a)-(g), p.25 #10
Oct. 15p. 39 #5 a,b
p. 82, #1(i), 3(a)-(e),9
p.99, Sec. 3.8, Student work, Problem 2:#4,5
  NCTM sampler - free access

Nov. 26p. 351, Your Turn 17; p. 353 10(a),11;p. 365 3,4,5; p.284, 31,2
 HW 4: Write a conceptual AND applied task corresponding to one of the CCSS standards for HIGH SCHOOL (ONLY FUNCTIONS and ALGEBRA ), using some of the ideas from the material covered in our class. You can see some examples here. You can modify existing activities, but the modifications must be substantial . You MUST cite all sources, and explain what you modify.

What is a substantial modification?
You take an existing activity and extend the line of questioning so that it covers more ideas, and/or incorporates technology in a meaningful way. You should give reasons for your modifications.

Rewriting the activity, reformatting the activity, adding just one or two questions do NOT count as substantial modifications.

See attached file below for the syllabus for the course. 
Revathi Narasimhan,
Sep 17, 2014, 10:28 AM