Executive Director: 
Dr. Shanggeun Rhee
(908) 737-4207

Marketing Coordinator: Dr. Michael Chattalas
(908) 737-4176

Management Coordinator: 
Dr. Janine Black
(908) 737-4280

The Kean University School of Management and Marketing is committed to providing students with the insights, strategies and competencies needed to succeed in today’s global marketplace. Students enrolled in Kean’s Management and Marketing programs explore contemporary issues related to business trends in corporate management, entrepreneurship, consumer markets, media, technology and globalization.  Our world-class faculty mentor students on employing the latest management and marketing tools and best practices.  

Our goal is to educate students to identify business opportunities at home as well as in emerging global markets and develop actionable strategies.  Our dedicated faculty draws on both the highest academic qualifications and valuable professional experience to educate future business leaders in their pursuit of excellence.  Our Programs feature well-integrated and comprehensive degree plans, small classes, dedicated faculty advising and internship opportunities.