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Tuition and Payment Policies

Please be advised that there has been a significant change in the billing process at Kean University, and this change applies to all students in the Kean School of Nursing RVCC Offsite Program, as well.  
Students will NO LONGER be receiving paper bills for tuition accounts.***  All tuition bills and financial notifications will be processed via KeanWise, so please check your Keanwise account regularly to ensure your tuition account is up to date.  

This change is effective immediately for all students who have yet to be processed for registration.  ***Students who have previously completed registration will still be sent paper billing information (for the Fall 2012 semester, only).  Subsequently, ALL STUDENTS - from this semester forward will be billed via KEANWISE.  You will no longer receive paper bills beyond this upcoming semester.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions:
Dr. Stich's Phone: 908-526-1200 ext. 8231
* Thank you and have a great semester.


Please keep in mind these important dates for the FALL 2012 Semester:

9/7 -    First day of classes for the Kean School of Nursing Offsite Program at RVCC

9/10 -  Last day to officially withdraw from classes with 100% refund

9/17 -  Last day to officially withdraw from classes with a 75% refund

9/24 -  Last day to officially withdraw from classes with a 50% refund

10/31 - Last day to officially withdraw from classes with "W" grade (0% refund)

11/16 -  Last day for students to make up "Incomplete" grades from preceding Summer                           Session and Spring semester

11/22-25 - Thanksgiving recess

12/21 - Term ends

To withdraw/drop a course you are responsible for contacting the Registrar’s office at the Kean University main campus.  The telephone number is (908) 737-5326. To officially drop a course, please e-mail using your Kean e-mail address.  Please make sure to print out a confirmation of the withdrawal/dropped course for your records.  You can also e-mail to confirm receipt and you can also call her direct line at (908) 737-3294.
Please include your student ID number, or your last four digits of your Social Security number, and the name and number of the course that you are dropping. You are responsible for following add/drop deadlines as cited in the Kean catalog.


Kean University will accept a letter from a third party as promise of payment if the letter is on company letterhead signed by the appropriate authority and meets the following criteria:

The letter must state:
  1.  The name and social security number (or student ID) of the student
  2.  The term for which the student is applying
  3. Whether payment will be for tuition only or tuition and fees
  4. The $ amount that will be paid, or the percent of tuition and/or fees that will be paid or the number of credits that will be paid for if paying full tuition and fees
A separate letter must be submitted for each student for each semester by the billing due date for each term. 
**The letter will not be accepted if it states that there are conditions under which payment will be made, such as successful completion of the course, continued employment, or a specific grade.