Registration for Dual Admission Students

RVCC nursing students eligible for the dual-admission program can register for select Kean Offsite
RN-BSN courses and need to follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Students are to obtain the Request for Eligibility Form as a Visiting Student available in the Kean University School of Nursing Offsite RN-BSN Program. The office is located on the 1st floor in Somerset Hall, opposite the University Center near the library on the RVCC campus.

2. The Request for Eligibility Form will be reviewed and if approved, signed off by the Chairperson from the RVCC Health Science Education Department demonstrating that the student is in good standing.

3. The student completes the green Kean Offsite Registration Form obtained from the Kean University School of Nursing Offsite RN-BSN Program office.

4. As the AAS student becomes eligible for AAS program graduation, the student submits an application and all transcripts to Kean University. The usual Kean University application fee shall be waived for the Dual Admission students.

5. Students can enroll in a maximum of four (4) Kean University courses as a visiting student. Students must complete the above forms listed in steps 1-4 each semester prior to admission to Kean University.