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MSN Admission Process

The steps to become eligible to register as a non matriculated graduate student for the MSN program is as follows:

- Go on
- In the GO box in the upper right corner of the web page - enter the following: non matriculated registration eligibility form, for the semester you wish to attend.

-Make sure the form for the semester you wish to attend is retrieved as forms for previous years will come up
    -Page 1 of the form are the instructions - note need to show proof of having earned a bachelor's degree (copy of degree) 
    -Page 2 is the form itself - Note the deadline dates for early &  late registration

-Print and complete the form, then either take the form in-person to the Registrar's Office or fax it to (908)-737-3299

-Once the form is reviewed and the student receives a user name & student ID, the student should be able to register.

-A non matriculated graduate student is limited to registering for 6 credits