Second Baccalaureate Degree

Registered Nurses who hold a baccalaureate degree in another major may choose to enroll in our second degree program.  Upon acceptance into the program and review of your previous courses, students can enroll in the required nursing, major requirements and additional requirementss as needed. All students must meet with faculty advisors prior to registration.
School of Nursing


(84100) B.S.N. – NURSING (FOR RNs ONLY) 125 S.H.



ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS             24-27 S.H.                            ** SEE BELOW RE: ADDITIONAL NURSING CREDITS

CHEM 1030 Essentials of Chem 1&3  _____ 4 ______

PSY 1000 General Psychology 1&3      _____ 3 ______                   MAJOR REQUIREMENTS                      73 S.H.

SOC 1000 Intro. to Sociology 1&3  _______3 ______                    SUPPORT COURSES                              12 S.H.

MATH 1018 Statistics  _______________ 3 ______                   Soc 2100 Sociology of the Family _____3 _____

BIOX 2003 Microbiology 1&3  __________3-4 ____                     PSY 3110 Life-Span Dev. Psych._______3 _____

HEDX 1001 1&3 _____________________2  ___CBE                  PHIL 3314 Moral Prob. in Hlth. Care___3 _____

             HED 3635 Intro to Public Health ______3 _____

CONCENTRATION                 6-8 S.H.

BIOX 2001 Anatomy & Physiology 1&3 ___3-4 ____                      Nursing 1999 (Lower Division) _______28 _CBE

BIOX 2002 Anatomy & Physiology1&3  ___3-4 ____

                                                                                                                             Upper Division Nursing Courses  1           29 S.H.

Please Note:                                                                                                NURS 3000 Conc. Found/Inq in Nsg_____3____

If you did not receive transfer credit for Anatomy &               NURS 3010 Health Assessment ________2____

Physiology I and II, Chemistry, and Microbiology       NURS 3020 Found. Transcultural Care___3____

Challenge Exams are available in the School of                              NURS 3030 Issues in Prof. Nsg Practice__3____

Nursing.  Students without transfer credit for Psy                         NURS 3200 Prof. Nsg HP/Community ___5____

1000 and/or Soc 1000 may be eligible to take the                       NURS 4200 Research in Nursing _______3____

Subject CLEP exams or approved upper-level                              NURS 4300 Prof. Nsg: Living with Ill.____5____

Psychology or Sociology electives instead. Consult                      NURS 4400 Prof. Nsg: Leadership______5____

the School of Nursing for information and approval.                    MAJOR/GE CAPSTONE COURSE 1

                                                                                                                              NURS 4900 Indep. Pract in Nursing ____2_____

                                                                                                                              (1 credit from NURS 4400 applies to capstone)

                                                                                                               ADDITIONAL MAJOR RELATED COURSES

                                                                                                                (Selected with the School Advisement if

                                                                                                                necessary to achieve a 32 credit minimum see below)



1          A grade of “C” or better                                                                                                               

2          2  Credits are applied from lower division nursing by exam when admitted to the major

3          Prerequisites for admission to Nursing

4          Writing Emphasis (W-E) Courses

84100REV 11/03                                                                               


B.S.N. – NURSING  -  (FOR RNs ONLY) (84100)

A.       Evaluation of prerequisites for transfer credit is based on policies established by Kean University and the faculty for the School of Nursing.

B.       All Prerequisite courses and major requirements must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

C.       Lower division credits are granted upon admission.

D.       It is strongly urged that required major support courses (Sociology of the Family, Life-Span Dev. Psychology, etc.) be taken at Kean.  With the exception of SOC 2100, these required courses are at the upper division level.  Similar courses at the lower division level will not be accepted in transfer.

E.        The nine required nursing courses in the major must be taken at Kean.

F.        Before taking General and/or Subject CLEP exams,, contact your faculty advisor and College Advisor re: policies and procedures.  Any Subject exam must be taken before a total of 86 credits toward the degree (Kean and/or transfer credits).




All students are required to complete one “Writing Emphasis” course.  The “W-E” course should be within the major program.  Consult your major program advisor for specific information.


¨       This evaluation is subject to School of Nursing review and approval.

¨       All major courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

¨       A minimum of 32 degree credits, including at least one-half the major requirements, must be earned at Kean after admission to the second baccalaureate degree program.

¨       Students will meet all major and cognate requirements and any required prerequisites to such courses, as well as any additional university requirements (e.g., writing-emphasis) for the second baccalaureate degree.  Additional course work, such as supporting courses, as required by some majors.

¨       Courses which have been completed more than 10 years ago are subject to School of Nursing review and approval.

¨       Students will have 6 years from the date of admission to complete the second baccalaureate dgree.

¨       A student must complete at least 45 credits in residence at Kean with a grade point average of 3.45 or better in order to be eligible for honor’s status.

¨       Students who complete the requirement for a second degree will be subject to all fees associated with the granting of a degree and will be invited to participate in commencement ceremonies.

PLEASE NOTE: Kean offers an MSN-Bridge Program for nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree in another major.  Contact the School of Nursing at (908) 737-3390 for further information.

All advisement for nursing majors must be sought through the School of Nursing.  Your major department is located in Somerset Hall on the 1st floor opposite the University Center at Raritan Valley Community College, phone (908)-526-1200 Ext. 8917 or 8231.