Curriculum Sheet for the B.S.N Degree

Effective Date: Fall 2009

                                                                                                          START TERM: ____________________________
  In Progress
 GENERAL EDUCATION: 30-32 Semester Hours (S.H.)
 Foundation Requirements 12 S.H.
  ACADEMIC MAJOR1  73 Semester Hours (S.H.)
 ENG 1030 College Composition                             Eng. 111
 3****Support Courses    12 S.H.
 CPS 1031 Intro to Computers                                CISY 1023
 SOC 2100 Sociology of the Family      Soc 202
 COMM 1402 Speech Comm as Critical Citizenship1COM 102
 3 PSY 3110 Life-Span Dev Psy              Psy 215
 GE 2024 Research and Technology                        Eng. 112
 3 PHIL 3314 Moral Prob Health Care
   HED 3635 Intro to Public Health
 Disciplinary & Interdisciplinary
 Distribution Requirements:
 Humanities: 6 S.H.
  Nursing 1999 (Lower Division)
 30 CBE
 *ENG 2403 World Literature                        Eng. 211 or 212
 Select only one course from:
                        29 S.H.
 Fine Arts or Art History
 3 NURS 3000 Conc Found/Ing in Nsg
 Foreign Languages                                     1 course from
 3 NURS 3010 Health Assessment
 Music or Theatre                                        humanities
 3 NURS 3020 Found Transcultural Care
 Interdisciplinary                                          specified
 3 NURS 3030 Issues in Prof Nsg Prac
   NURS 3200 Prof Nsg: HP/Community
   NURS 4200 Research in Nursing
 Social Sciences: 6 S.H.
  NURS 4300 Prof Nsg: Living with III
 *HIST 1000 Civil Society in America              HIS 201 or 202
 3 NURS 4400 Prof Nsg: Leadership
 PSY 1000 General Psychology2                             Psy 103
   ***G.E. and Major Capstone 2 S.H.
 Science and Mathematics1: 8 S.H.
  NURS 4900 Indep. Pract in Nursing
(1 credit from NURS 4400 applied to Capstone)
 BIOX 2001 Anatomy and Physiology I2
 BIOX 2002 Anatomy and Physiology II2
   FREE ELECTIVES 3-7 Semester Hours (S.H.)
 Additional Required Courses1 15-17 Semester Hours (S.H.)
  Nurse 211 Trends in Nursing        
 PHIL 1100 Intro to Philosophy                               Phil 101
 SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology2                               Soc 101
 MATH 1016 Statistics                                          Math 110
 BIOX 2003 Microbiology2                                      Bio 133
 CHEM 1030 Essentials of Chemistry2                  Chem 102
   Other Transfer:
   Special Notes:
* GE Required Course
*** Eng 1030 and all major courses require a grade of C or better.
1 These courses require a grade of C or better.
2 Prerequisites for admission to Nursing.
   > Require advisor permission
   Note: See foreign language requirements
 Rvs 9/09
  Advisor Signature:

Guide Sheet Continued

(84100) B.S.N. Nursing – (for RNs only)

    A. Evaluation of prerequisite courses for transfer credit is based on policies established by Kean University and the                 faculty of the School of Nursing.

    B. All prerequisite courses and major requirements must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

    C. Lower division nursing credits are granted upon admission.

    D. It is strongly urged that required major support courses (CPS, Sociology of the Family, Life-Span Dev. Psychology,            etc.) be taken at Kean.  With the exception of CPS 1031 and SOC 2100, these required courses are at the upper-               division level. 


    E. A minimum of 32 credits must be taken at Kean.


    F. Fifty percent (50%) of the nursing major credits must be completed at Kean


    G. Before taking General and/or Subject CLEP exams, contact your faculty advisor regarding policies and procedures.             Any General Exam must be taken before earning a total of 30 credits towards your degree (Kean and/or transfer                credits). Any Subject Exam must be taken before earning a total of 86 credits (Kean and/or transfer credits).



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