AAS-BSN Dual Admission

Kean University School of Nursing, in collaboration with Raritan Valley Community College, is now offering an AAS-BSN dual admission program for nursing students who want to broaden their knowledge and advance their careers.
This opportunity provides students in Somerset and Hunterdon counties with convenient access to completing the BSN degree in a timely four (4) year period with all courses offered on the RVCC campus.
The BSN degree prepares the nurse for a broader professional role and is considered by leading organizations to be the minimum educational requirement for professional nursing practice.
Graduates from the AAS-BSN program have the abilities that are essential for today's professional nurses, who must be skilled providers, designers, managers and coordinators of care.
Admission Requirements

-Accepted into the Raritan Valley Community College Nursing Program

-Successful completion of the first year of the lower division RVCC nursing program

-Completed Foundations of Nursing and Adults I (minimum grade of B)

Program Description
The BSN is a 125-credit, upper division program with Kean University nursing and support courses offered on the RVCC campus. Students may enroll in their first offsite Kean University course at RVCC during the summer after successful completion of their first year in the RVCC AAS program and continue on to select Kean University BSN courses until the completion of the RVCC nursing program. Upon graduation from the AAS degree program and obtaining New Jersey licensure, students may then accelerate the progression of coursework to complete the BSN degree.
The Kean University School of Nursing has long been recognized for the supportive, collegial atmosphere that exists among students, staff and faculty. Please contact the Kean University School of Nursing Offsite Program at RVCC at (908) 526-1200 ext. 8917.

General Education Requirements (30-32 credits) includes:
- Foundation Requirements (12 credits)
-Humanities (6 credits)
-Social Sciences (6 credits)
-Science and Mathematics (8 credits)

Additional Required Courses (15-17 credits)

Nursing Major Requirements (71 credits) includes:
-30 lower division nursing credits transferred after successful completion of NCLEX exam
-Upper -Division Support Courses (12 credits)
-Upper-Division Nursing Courses (31 credits)
   - Four (4) theory courses
   - Three (3) combined theory/clinical courses
   - Two (2) clinical seminars

Free electives (3-7 credits)

Completion Time

Full-time students can complete the course of study within four (4) years depending upon the desired course load and total credits needed. Fast track options are available and students attending part time may select from a variety of patterns of progress.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Kathleen Neville
Professor and Program Coordinator, Kean University School of Nursing
1st Floor, Somerset Hall, opposite The University Center near the library
(908) 526-1200 ext. 8917


Dr. Thelma Stich
Academic Specialist, Kean University School of Nursing
1st Floor, Somerset Hall, opposite The University Center near the library
(908) 526-1200 ext. 8231