Is the program accredited?

Yes. Kean University is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education.  
The Nursing programs are accredited by the
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing .  
Students and all others are invited to send any comments and/or questions regarding
the Kean University School of Nursing accreditation to the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Phone: (404) 975-5000
Fax: (404) 975-5020
Email: info@acenursing.org
Web: www.acenursing.org

What is the cost of the program?

Courses taken through Kean University are charged the Kean tuition rate. Courses through Ocean County College (OCC) are charged at the OCC rate.

Is tuition assistance available?

Yes.  Tuition assistance is available.  Kean Ocean has a financial aid specialist that can help you navigate the process.  The Kean Ocean Financial Aid Office is located within the Kean Ocean Administration Office located in the Gateway Building.  For additional information regarding Kean Ocean financial aid, please call 732-255-0476.

Where do I attend classes?

Classes are offered in the Kean Ocean Gateway Building on the Ocean County College campus in Toms River, NJ.  You will also have the option of taking courses on Kean University's main campus in Union, NJ.

When are classes offered?

To accommodate a professional nurse’s busy schedule, classes are offered every other weekend, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Are classes available online?

Many support classes are offered online, making Kean Ocean Nursing a convenient and flexible option for busy RN's.

How do I apply?

You may apply online . Contact KeanOCC@Kean.edu for all admission questions.  Read more about the admission process here.

What does it mean to be matriculated?

Matriculated means officially enrolled in school.  If you have not officially applied to Kean University, please do so as soon as possible by completing the online application.  Those who have applied and enrolled will be matriculated.  This will allow them all the benefits of a Kean student as well as take all the courses necessary to complete their degrees.
Non-matriculated students without a Bachelor's degree may take up to 12 credits.
Non-matriculated students with a Bachelor's degree may take up to 6 credits.

What is the process for registration?

Step 1: Speak to an advisor.

Every semester you must speak to an advisor or get an advisement form filled out before registering. This will lift your advisement hold. While you’re doing this, also get your classes approved. You must get permission for each individual Nursing class you want to register for by either emailing, or filling out a pre-registration form in person. This will grant your petition.

You DO NOT need a granted petition for the nursing support courses, so please register for these ASAP as they fill up quickly: SOC 282, PSY 3110, PHIL 3114, HED 3635

YOU CANNOT REGISTER FOR ANY CLASS without having your advisement hold lifted and receiving a petition for your desired nursing class. If you attempt to register without these, you will receive an error message and will not be permitted to register. 
Step 2: Register for classes.

You can register online if you have taken a class at Kean Ocean previously. 
If this is your first time registering, or you have not registered for Kean classes for over a semester, you will need to register in person at the Kean Ocean Administration Office in the Gateway Building.

Help! I'm having trouble registering and I DO have a granted petition!

If you have been granted a petition and have had your advisement hold lifted BUT are receiving an error message that still does not let you register, please contact the Kean Ocean office via email at KeanOCC@kean.edu and they will answer your question promptly. Common problems include: Missing vaccines, unresolved debt from previous semesters and missing prerequisites, so please ensure all of these potential issues are handled early.